How to Superpower Your iTunes


Is your iTunes library unorganized?  Are a lot of your songs poorly/incorrectly named? Well, there is a quick and easy solution.  It’s called an Apple Script.  In basic terms, it’s a series of commands bundled into one command.  There is one place that you can depend on to help superpower your iTunes with these scripts, for free: Doug’s Apple Scripts

Download scripts to do just about anything with your iTunes.  Run them on your entire iTunes library to fix a common problem in seconds, or discover a few cool tricks you didn’t think were possible.  Here are 11 to get you started:

1.  Artist – Name Corrector:  Songs titled where the entire title is in either the Song or Artist column, this puts the Artist name and Song title in the correct places.

2.  Proper English Title Capitalization:  Fixes songs that are not capitalized correctly. (ie.  This is an Example Song Title)

3.  Import iPod Audio Files:  Import files from your iPod, into your iTunes library.

4.  Delete All Empty Playlists:  All of those empty playlists that you never got around to making, will be deleted.  Bam.

5.  Super Remove Dead Tracks: Finds all of the tracks that are “missing” or do not work, and eliminates them.

6.  Make Ringable: Create a ringtone from a selected track.

7.  Find Album Artwork With Google: Performs a Google image search using an Album’s name with the hope of finding appropriate album artwork.

8.  iTunes Announcer: Announces the Artist and Name of the currently playing track via Speech, and more…

9.  This is the Last Song!: Run this script to stop iTunes after the current track finishes playing.

10.  Rate Me! Rate Me!:  This stay-open applet watches your playing tracks and when an un-rated track starts playing displays a dialog with a demand it be rated.

11.  CD Text to CD Info: If you have a burned CD, this script will pull out the CD text that is embedded, but hidden, in most burned CD’s.  Very useful!

There are over 475 other scripts (as of the date of this post)!  Have fun!

…May This Serve You Well.


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2 responses to “How to Superpower Your iTunes”

  1. Janaye says :

    Posts like this brithgen up my day. Thanks for taking the time.

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