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Best Time To Send Email [INFOGRAPHIC]


How to Superpower Your iTunes


Is your iTunes library unorganized?  Are a lot of your songs poorly/incorrectly named? Well, there is a quick and easy solution.  It’s called an Apple Script.  In basic terms, it’s a series of commands bundled into one command.  There is one place that you can depend on to help superpower your iTunes with these scripts, for free: Doug’s Apple Scripts

Download scripts to do just about anything with your iTunes.  Run them on your entire iTunes library to fix a common problem in seconds, or discover a few cool tricks you didn’t think were possible.  Here are 11 to get you started:

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Redesign and Restyle Your iPhone/iPad/iPod Layout

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Reduce 100 iphone apps onto just two (2) pages.  As seen above, this approach can make you more efficient in accessing applications while keeping things clean and classy by using your background picture as art.  Here’s one way to do it:

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